What steps have you taken to ensure the security and safety of the campus?

We place a very high value in the security of our campuses, and every effort is made to ensure that Heritage Preschools provides a safe and secure environment for children and staff. Every Heritage campus is equipped with high definition cameras on a DVR system, the ProCare Software® biometric fingerprint scanners for secure check in and out, and coded keypads at multiple points of entrance. Additionally, Heritage Preschools uses a Raptor data security system. This system assists our front office personnel by screening visitors using data received from their submitted drivers’ license.

In what way are you a Christian childcare center?

Founded by Christians, Heritage Preschools believes that our purpose is to come alongside parents to cultivate students who are rooted and grounded in Christ, His love and His Truth so that they may continue to grow and flourish in every area of life for God’s glory. Toward that end, Heritage Preschools is directed by committed Christian leadership and hires Christian teachers who are eager to set an example that faith is for all of life. We are non-denominational and hold to a conservative set of beliefs about God and the Bible. This is all lived out through Heritage from our unique approach to child care, to stewardship of facilities, to choice of curriculum.

How do you choose your teachers?

With prayer and careful screening! Many of our teachers come to us by word of mouth through the Christian community. Each is interviewed by the campus director and administration. The candidate must have a credible Christian testimony and be a member in good standing with his or her church. Directors consider a candidate’s education, training and experience, and only hire individuals they believe will bring significant value to their school.

What type of training is required for your teachers?

All teachers must be fingerprinted and pass the background clearance through the Alabama Department of Human Resources as well as participate in continuous training throughout the year. Although many of our teachers have degrees, we do not require a degree to be a teacher at Heritage Preschools (with the exception of Kindergarten teachers). Upon hire, new teachers must go through 5 days of training with the campus’ Classroom Coordinator and then work under an experienced Lead Teacher for further hands on training in the classroom. Heritage Preschools also provides and requires mandatory training days for all staff to ensure continued excellence in childcare.

Do you provide meals and have a meal plan for students?

We provide nutritious, hot meals for students at breakfast and lunch. Afternoon snacks are served after nap and during the late afternoon. The meal plan is included in the price of tuition and is served to all students beginning in our Infant 3 class.

How do you protect the health of students and staff?

At Heritage student health and safety is our number one concern! Not only are our facilities kept clean and sanitary, but we place a strong emphasis on personal hygiene for both staff and students. We also focus on running a “well-child school.” The Heritage Preschools Medical/Sickness Policy is outlined in our Enrollment Packet and further shows how we safeguard students and staff from illness.

What type of curriculum do you use?

Abeka is one of the premiere Christian curriculums used by private educators for the last forty years. It provides a comprehensive Biblical approach to teaching academics and character. This advanced curriculum pairs perfectly with Heritage Preschools’ philosophy of education and classical approach to learning, providing students with the foundation for academic success.

How are promotions handled?

When a teacher sees that a student meets the milestone goals for the classroom and is in the appropriate age range to move up, the teacher will complete a Request For Promotion Form. This form will alert the administration that the student is eligible for promotion due to age and ability. Administration will inform the parent that the child is ready for advancement to the next class. The child will then be given a week to transition to his or her new class by spending a little time in the new class each day, thereby giving the student a chance to adjust to the new environment.

What can I do to ensure a seamless transition from home to care at Heritage if I am breastfeeding my infant?

We recommend introducing a bottle to your infant at least two weeks prior to starting at Heritage. By no means does this mean that you must strictly use a bottle when at home! We strongly support the decision a mom makes when she commits to breastfeeding. However, because we strive for the best possible care for your baby, we encourage as much consistency as possible between home and school.