Blessed Are The Peacemakers

Matthew 5:9 “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.”

It is a bit ironic that most of people we think of as peacemakers are often living very un-peaceful lives. The reason for this is not their fault, because to be a peacemaker is to be involved in chaos and seeking to resolve it in a healthy, beneficial way for all people involved. To do this, they must put themselves in harms way. To be a peacemaker is a very high-risk, high-reward opportunity. The risk is in pat due to the uncertainty of the outcome. You may have sound logic, empathy, compassion, and say all the right things at the right time, but if one or more of the people involved are unwilling to accept it, then all of your efforts will be for naught.

As I thought about this verse and biblical peacemakers, my mind went to Joshua and Caleb. These two were a part of the twelve spies that Moses sent over to check out the Promise Land before Israel moved in. All twelve spies spoke highly of how bountiful and beautiful the land was, but all but two of them spoke of the frightening giants who were waiting to crush Israel like grasshoppers. The two who tried to speak peace and faith in God were Joshua and Caleb.

These two spoke of the great deeds God had done for the people, and they knew that a few giants and fortresses were no match for the God of Israel. They tore their clothes and pleaded with the people to be courageous and trust the Lord. Sadly, the fears of the ten were heard more than the calls for peace and courage of the two. Israel suffered greatly as a result of their lack of faith, but as for the two men who spoke for peace and faith were blessed to remain and enter the Promise Land forty years later. These two became sons of God because of their faith. They did all they could to keep peace between God and Israel, but Israel refused. 

Your success as a peacemaker is not determined by the responses and actions of others, but by the words and actions that come out of your heart. Have courage to speak and fight for peace. Although you may not succeed, and you may not feel the peace in the middle of the chaos, you are doing the work of God. To be God’s children means we desire and work for peace with all people. Have faith that God sees your work for peace, and that He is honored in your efforts.