Stewarding Love & Care

Stewardship; I want to take care of the things that God has entrusted to me and use them the way he wants me to.

1 Corinthians 10:31, “Whatever you do, do everything for the glory of God.”


I love the weeks where we teach our children about stewardship!  Being a good steward is such an important lesson that we all must learn, and the younger we are taught this the better.  If your home is anything like mine, we “blessed” our children with a lot of toys.  Every time we went to the store, or a consignment shop for clothes, another toy was brought home.  Regarding our children, stewardship is pretty straightforward: take care of the clothes and toys you have been given.  Early on, the best thing we can do is teach our children how to respect their own property, and the property of others.

But for this blog, I want to challenge our thoughts on stewardship.  As we get older, and especially after we become parents, the principle of stewardship is not as straightforward.  For example, before our children entered our home, stewardship may have meant keeping your home clean and in order.  However, once children join us, we must be good stewards of them as well.  Sometimes, stewardship over our children takes precedent over our stewardship of our home.  Playing with your child may dirty up your home, but showing love to your child is better stewardship than keeping clean.

This week, in our Bible time, we are learning about God creating all things.  God demonstrates wisdom, creativity, and love as He shapes and forms His creation.  God cares for us and this world, and He demonstrates to us holy stewardship.  Life may get messy at times, but God is faithful love and instruct us.  His perfect, fatherly love is stewarded over us perfectly.