Fearlessly Teaching Faith

Faith; I believe God will do what he has promised.

Acts 16:31, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved.”

Faith is one of my favorite character traits to teach to our Heritage children.  Faith is the root of our existence in Christ.  When we released the new logo for Heritage Preschool, my favorite part are the roots spreading out into the earth.  The further those roots spread, the stronger the tree is.  The same can be said of our faith in Christ.  The further those faith roots extend into our heart, the stronger we are in this life.

Teaching this to our children can be hard to explain, but is always fun to watch them wrestle to understand.  They often times do not comprehend the meaning of faith, but that is okay.  The important thing is that we are sowing seeds into their hearts and leading them in the teachings and words of our faith.  There are times even as adults we struggle with our faith and what it looks like in a certain situation.  We do not need to be afraid to teach our children about faith.  We can get so focused on making sure we do it, “right,” that we end up not teaching them.  Do not let the fear of “messing up” faith cause you to shy away from the amazing gift.  God has given us.  God has blessed you with your children, and He has given you the precious privilege of leading them in the way of Jesus.

Application:  Your children will learn a lot about God and Christ here at Heritage, and they will hopefully be learning a lot about our faith at church also.  This is a wonderful blessing!  But children learn more from their parents than anyone else.  They are following you and giving everything they have to be just like you.  We must set them an example of faith in Jesus.  Don’t be afraid to talk about God and the Bible.  If we are humble and joyful when we talk about God, so will they.  Let’s show our children that God is great.  He is a good Father, and He has invited us to sit at His feet and learn from Him.  Let’s bring our children along on this journey of faith!