Leading In Compassion

Compassion; I feel bad when my friends feels bad, and I want them to feel better.

1 John 4:19, “We love because he first loved us.

Compassion is not the absence of hatred and apathy, but is the presence of caring and love.  For example, Mother Teresa is not remembered for all the people she did not show love in caring for, but for those she did love and serve.  If we desire to be defined as compassionate people of God, then we must show compassion to others in a God-honoring way. 

Having compassion, you see the hurt and pain of others, and you are moved to help.  Seeing and recognizing someone is in need will not make us compassionate, but only makes us observant.  When we are move to help that person in need, then we are compassionate.  Compassion is one of those character traits we teach here at Heritage Preschools that legs to it.  When we teach it, we always give examples of ways our children can show compassion to their family, friends and strangers.  God bless them, our Heritage children are very compassionate and eager to help someone in need.  I pray they would grow to be the most compassionate generation the Church has seen in a long time!

As usual with these blog posts, I aim to put the ball in our court as parents.  There is not one of us that would say we do not want our child to be compassionate towards others.  But what are we doing to show them the beauty of compassion?  When they watch your life, and they are watching you, are they seeing compassion as something they should want to do?  These are hard questions that we each must answer. 

Application:  I want my daughters to see me being compassionate and being blessed while I do it.  It is an amazing feeling to know you have done something that pleased and glorified our Heavenly Father.  Showing compassion to all people is one of the things that pleases God.  Take time to tell your children about how wonderful it is to please God.  When we show compassion towards those who are hurting, and we work to serve and help them, it makes God smile.  Let’s be role-models for compassion!  Together, we can raise up a generation of Christians that will desire to make God smile while they show compassionate love and serve others around the world.