The Hope of Easter

Hopeful; I believe that God will make all things right even when I don’t understand.

Colossians 3:2, “Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.

Holy Week always leads to a mixture of thoughts and emotions.  The more I think about this week leading up to Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection, I am filled with joy, sadness, humility, and thankfulness.  I am overjoyed that my sins have been forgiven, and yet heartbroken that it was my sin that made His death necessary.  I am humbled that God would send His Son to save me and redeem me, and can find no better words than, “Thank you.” 

This week is so powerful, and God does do much in the hearts and minds of His people during this week.  What is He stirring in you?  Is He leading you back to the cross to consider your sin and salvation?  Maybe God is taking your thoughts to the empty tomb and causing you to learn more of the amazing hope He offers you.  Wherever your heart and mind are drawn to in the amazing Easter story, allow God to lead you.  He wants to grow your faith, mature you in godliness, and fill you with hope.

The death and resurrection of Jesus is a story of hope.  We were God’s enemies, separated from Him because of our sinfulness.  Rather than fighting against us, God fights for us.  Rather than turning a blind eye, God takes on sin directly.  Rather than taking the easy way out, God went the full distance to eliminate sin and destroy death.  We may never fully understand the full depth of what Christ has done for us until we get to heaven.  But until then, let the truth of Easter fill you with hope and joy.

Challenge:  The meaning of Easter is still being formed and solidified in the hearts and midst of our children.  This time of year, we love to see them dressed in their best clothes, take beautiful family pictures, and enjoy little bunnies and egg hunts.  As fun as those things are, and we should definitely enjoy them, we must also be sure to speak the true meaning of Easter to our children.  It may feel uncomfortable to talk to your child about sin and Jesus’ death upon the cross, but it is necessary.  Sin separated us from God, but Jesus died so that our sins could be removed and our hearts made clean.  Thanks to Jesus dying on the cross, we are brought into God’s family and call God our Heavenly Father.  Also, be sure to finish the story with life.  Jesus did not stay dead, but rose again!  Jesus is alive today, and watching over us from heaven.  Easter is a beautiful story.  Have joy in your heart as you share it with your children.