Learning from the Love of God

Pure Heart; My heart is totally pointed to God and following His ways

Matthew 5:8, “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.”

The heart is a vastly complex part of each person.  Its physical purposes are complex, for sure, but I am referring to the spiritual and emotional complexity of the heart.  On one hand, we trust our heart to help us determine how the words and actions of others make us feel.  On the other hand, our hearts can be fooled.  Jeremiah 17 tells us that the heart is deceitfully wicked and very sick, therefore, who can understand it?  That would be discouraging, but Jeremiah goes on to tell us that God understands the hearts of men. 

This is important to us as Christian parents as we have been given the responsibility of shaping and guiding the hearts of our children.  How we choose to care for their hearts will have a profound impact on how they respond to God.  Our ultimate goal as believers is to raise up our children to love and trust God fully.

One thing that would help us to do that is to consider how our Heavenly Father cares for us.  When He disciplines us, does God make you feel ashamed, or like you will overcome this and grow as a person?  When you do well, does God fill your heart with joy, or is He never appreciative and constantly pushing you to do more?  Does God comfort you in your pain and sadness, or is He cold and lacking compassion?  We have a perfect Heavenly Father who takes amazing care of our hearts and lives.  Lets learn from Him how to best love and lead our children.

Challenge: Make a Beloved Charter.  Years ago, someone challenged me to read through God’s Word and write out a charter of every time God promised something to His people.  He told me to write it out as if God was speaking it directly to me.  This charter will grow over time as we continue to read the Bible, and before long, you have a page full of God’s promises to you.  God promises to never leave you or forsake you, to give you strength and courage, and to perfect His love and work within you.  Begin working together with your spouse to make a Beloved Charter for your family.  Overtime, these promises will grow and encourage your faith, and will also shape and direct the faith of your children.